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Natsuki Chronicles XBOX One


“Shoot ’em up” evolve to a new level… Dramatic side-scrolling shoot ’em up! You play as Natsuki, and carry out the missions! Do you believe her past or future? Two game mode: Chronicles Mode: The story is presented seamlessly during gameplay with fully voiced dialogue. Arcade Mode: A brisk, 30-minute single-player campaign that recreates that nostalgic gameplay. A wide variety of equipment can be found throughout the game, making for added replay value as players add to their collection. You can mix and match equipment with different properties! “Bullet Trajectory Display” function, You can check the direction of enemy bullets! Natsuki Chronicles shares its setting with Ginga Force, but features a different set of characters. You can experience new chronicles of the pioneers who arrive on Seventier. Published by Qute Corporation‬. Interactive on 12/25/2019 for $42.49

From the developers of the infamous Judgment Silversword comes the long awaited Xbox One exclusive release of Natsuki Chronicles fully equipped for holiday 2019 with stunning Xbox One X Enhanced 4K visuals! While the price tag may be hefty, this is a real gem for fans of the genre, and a rare exclusive at that. Clean, if dated, graphics locked in at a buttery smooth framerate on the X. Great audio. Tight, responsive controls. A game with replayability. Overall, if you’re a fan of shmups, without question I say give this a go. Qute follow up the amazing Ginga Force with this tasty little hori shmup. Throwback Thunderforce vibes with fast enemy patterns and selectable weapons of great variety. Like Ginga Force, there is a robust story mode with level up progress and tons of unlockables. There’s also a straight arcade mode too if you just want to jump in. 4k, solid frame rate and great music. Support this game

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