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Hitman: Blood Money – Free Game with Gold for October 2018

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Hitman’s back, drawing you closer than ever into his deadly world where staying anonymous, being smart and totally ruthless are the key to a perfect execution. Lucrative contracts on the rich and powerful in high profile locations make killing for money good business. But when a rival agency enters the scene it’s war and only the best man will be left standing. Published by IO Interactive A/S on 2010 and will be available for free with Game for Gold XBOX from 10/16 – 10/31

The game begins with a flashback to a terrible accident at a Baltimore amusement park. The negligent maintenance of a Ferris wheel caused it to collapse and kill many people. The father of one of the victims contacts the Agency to order a hit on the park owner, Joseph Clarence. After carrying out the hit, 47 receives a string of contracts from American clients who are eager to retain his services.

The bulk of the game takes place as flashback sequences that occur concordantly to the present day, in which a journalist, Rick Henderson, and the former FBI Director, “Jack” Alexander Leland Cayne, discuss 47’s hits over the past year and a half (2004–2005). Rick arranged to interview Jack concerning the recent attack on the White House, but Jack’s real intent is to discuss 47. He lies about many details, such as stating that 47 stole Dr. Ort-Meyer’s cloning data to sell to the highest bidder, or that 47 was working with a group of assassins known as the Franchise to kill the Secretary of the Interior.

As the game progresses, it becomes clear that the Agency’s employees are being gradually assassinated by the Franchise. The situation degrades to the point where 47’s handler, Diana Burnwood, informs him that they are the only ones left. Eventually, Diana shuts down the Agency and divides the remaining funds between them. After completing his final assignment, 47 is approached by an old acquaintance, CIA agent Carlton Smith, who 47 had rescued earlier in the game. He offers 47 a high-profile mission, paid by million dollars worth of diamonds, to prevent an assassination attempt on the president of the United States, Tom Stewart. The assassins are Franchise operative Mark Parchezzi III and Vice-President Daniel Morris. They both work for Alpha Zerox, a shadowy political organization that seeks to monopolize the cloning technology used to create 47. As the President intends to legalize cloning, ruining their plans, they hope to replace him with the much more controllable Morris.

Best hitman game. levels are great. You can accident kill nontargets and still get Silent Assassin, unlike the 2016 reboot. Achievements dont stack, unlike ps3 version, which ive platniumed. thats the only problem. you have to finish 4 times to 1000g. Some weird ai, but it doesnt happen a lot. bring back Hitman 2 and contracts. I’ve been a hitman fan since the early 2000s near the beginning, and this to me is the best hitman game of them all. I loved contracts too, and the older ones but had problems with getting caught too easily. All the hitman games are still my favorite games. I feel like they did a perfect job making great levels and great fun. Blood money is one of those games that you just will love and never regret buying, (If you’re into stealth/shooters) and every time my disc broke I bought it again and I’m proud to. I have great memories with this game and it is very appreciated.

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